May, 2018
Last month saw a flurry of activities as we hosted the 15th Junior ART Gymnastics Asian Championships in Jakarta, Indonesia, and 16th Junior & 10th Senior RG Asian Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  These were AGU’s first official events of the season. We saw a lot of enthusiasm and excitement not only among the athletes but also the coaches, who were the guiding force behind their team’s success. 

I congratulate to all the medal-winners and, for those who missed the podium, I can only say, keep working hard and focus on your goals. 

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the Indonesian and Malaysian Gymnastics Federations, who did a tremendous job in organising the events, which showcased talents from across the continent.

Meanwhile, my sincere thanks and appreciation to FIG MAG and WAG Presidents Arturs Mickevics and Donatella Sachchi for their support in Jakarta. Their expertise and experience helped a lot in the successful conduct of the competition.

I congratulate the Vietnam and Chinese Gymnastics Federations on their gymnasts‘ triumphs at the FIG Aerobic and Trampoline World Cups respectively.

We extend our best wishes to Philippines Gymnastics Federation, who will host the 5th Senior and Junior Trampoline Asian Championships in Manila on May 19-20.

Last, but not the least, it has been our constant effort to educate the coaches with modern trainings.

The Common Training Camp for WAG coaches in Hanoi, Vietnam, where coaches and gymnasts from the Philippines, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal and Vietnam took part in the programme, was a part of our vision to develop the sport.

Warm regards,
A-Rahman Al-Shathri

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